Valori over testtools op QA&Test, Bilbao

Datum: 22-10-2014

In Bilbao presenteert Valori's Egbert Bouman 'Select the right test automation tool'. Ook bezig met toolselectie? Er zijn veel goede tools maar wat is de beste voor jou en jouw organisatie? Valori helpt je graag, bijvoorbeeld door deze presentatie nog een keer in jouw bedrijf te verzorgen of door onze SmartSELECT tool ter beschikking te stellen.

Lees hier meer over geautomatiseerd testen en toolselectie en download de presentatie

Of lees de tekstuit de aankondiging op de QA en Testsite hier:

Select the right Test Automation tool

Egbert Bouman    
Valori - The Netherlands

Presentation abstract

In the currently fast moving test tool market it is not easy to find the right test tool for you. This presentation addresses three main themes:

  1. A proven and state-of-the-art selection process: requirements, long-list, short-list, demo’s, POC, final choice and implementation
  2. A demo of our SmartSELECT tool which supports the selection process and will be available for free for the attendants
  3. An overview of the top-10 tools that deserve your attention in the current toolmarket (paid as well as open source)

Further points:

All demo’s are impressive, all Proof Of Concepts (POC’s) are disappointing (but some are more disappointing than others);

  • Why most suppliers hate POC’s and why your number one best match loves it;
  • How to pinpoint the selection criteria that really count for you;
  • How to balance People-Process-Tools to prevent shelfware;
  • How agile and Test Driven Development change the automation game from downstream to upstream.

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Valori over testtools op QA&Test, Bilbao In Bilbao presenteert Valori's Egbert Bouman 'Select the right tes... Lees Meer
Valori over testtools op QA&Test, Bilbao