De toekomst van het testen

Testen zal zich verbreden. Nu al dringen de grote IT projecten door tot in de raad van bestuur. Het kwaliteitsmanagement daarop en de (test)inzichten zal steeds meer een vaste rol gaan spelen bij de besluitvorming: de CTO (de Chief Test Officer) is geboren...

Op EUROSTAR 2008 verwoordde Martin Kooij van Valori het als volgt:

When I went to my first software testing conference some 15 years ago testing was changing from a somewhat obscure art towards a recognised, albeit quite technical, discipline. After several years in other IT disciplines I returned to testing again. What a difference! Testing had become a valued and structured activity in the business. As test manager I now received an independent position next to the project lead.

The future of testing. What if I should sidestep again for 10 years? What would I see? Where would we be?

Imagine a board room meeting in 2018. Next to the political changes in this world also a more silent change in society has occurred. Several major operational IT problems have shocked the world --a medium sized country where tax collections went wrong, a world-wide company "lost" its assets in its databases, a health care IT systems melt-down. Risks are now perceived differently. Finance is not king anymore. Next to the financial overview en risk statements, shareholders also demand detailed and realistic insight in IT control and product risks of a company.

The Chief Test Officer is in the room for a presentation. Her team has assessed the risks the company has in its current IT product renewals and maintenance. Release based regression testing is normal, and the quality of new IT products are routinely assessed. The CEO thanks the Chief Test Officer for her presentation and mandates her to take the right measures to be able to give a positive message to the shareholders the next year.

Science fiction? Maybe. The author, however, thinks, that an heavier responsibility and a growing professional recognition for the test manager is a real scenario. We must be prepared for that. The author will discuss with the audience some concrete possibilities to be able to meet these expectations; more focus to testing a product in a combination with the data quality and business process quality, and an integration with audit frameworks such as COBIT and VAL-IT.

Martin Kooij, on EUROSTAR 2008

Testen: even wat breder

Testen staat niet op zichzelf en is onderdeel van de échte wereld. Soms zou je dat vergeten als je in alle technieken, methodes duikt. Dat is ook niet erg, want van vaklieden verwacht je juist passie en interesse in hun vakgebied. Soms kijken we echter even over de muur en weten we weer waarom we het doen en in welke context. Dat onderscheidt de nerd van de vakman.  Mèèr weten dus over: