What testers can learn from management gurus

Testen is naast een vak ook een discipline van het goed organiseren van je werk. Daarbij kunnen we veel leren van die toppers die daar met autoriteit over kunnen spreken: de goeroes op het gebied van general management.

Egbert Bouman presenteerde hierover het volgende op EUROSTAR:

In the near future, smart and agile methods and leading edge automation tools will definitely make a difference. At the same time, despite a growing tendency towards specialisation and more technical test roles, we are increasingly aware of the fact that testing is people business ‘pur sang'. The best and brightest of our test managers, test team leads ánd testers will be those who foster an open, inspiring, communicative, extraverted atmosphere in and around our test teams.

That requires interest in and affinity with people issues like collaboration, psychology, (self-)motivation and communication. Looking at test literature and conference presentations we see lots of attention for culture, people issues and management in and around the testing process. Most of the opinions and insights we find here are derived from own experience in the testing field. Nothing wrong with that, but let's not forget that we are entering a field that has been thoroughly explored, and often brilliantly treated, by scores of highly respected management gurus.

For real progress in the future of testing, we must be willing to look outside the boundaries of our discipline. In this entertaining presentation you will learn how to make the next step in improving your skills as a convincing and inspiring communicator and as a people manager. We will listen to Stephen Covey (‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People´), Jim Collins (‘Good to Great´), Abraham Maslow (hierarchy of human needs, and beyond) and C.K. Prahalad (the DART model for co-creation). You will discover that these guys have a lot to say to us, testers. And you will learn how to take advantage from this in your daily testing practice.

Egbert Bouman, on EUROSTAR.

Testen: even wat breder

Testen staat niet op zichzelf en is onderdeel van de échte wereld. Soms zou je dat vergeten als je in alle technieken, methodes duikt. Dat is ook niet erg, want van vaklieden verwacht je juist passie en interesse in hun vakgebied. Soms kijken we echter even over de muur en weten we weer waarom we het doen en in welke context. Dat onderscheidt de nerd van de vakman.  Mèèr weten dus over: